Saturday, 20 April 2013

Sun Central

Pretty much all of today was spent in central London which ordinarily is not a relaxing experience. However, lazing in Green Park with my mum and my beau (not to mention a huge picnic) showed me just how peaceful central can be. And everything looks so pretty at the moment, even though it's not all in bloom yet. I spotted the preparation for the London Marathon tomorrow too, it's going to be fantastic!

As warm as it looks it's not quite dress weather yet so I opted for Freddies of Pinewood jeans, a blouse, knitted waistcoat and some fruity Carmen Miranda inspired jewellery. But what I really should have worn was some sun lotion - my red forehead is testimony to that!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

In a Flap: Stepping Back to The Roaring Twenties

I recently had an excuse to dress up 1920s style for an Accessorize blog post, come check out my little adventure here: